Monday, September 19, 2011

Dinner Party Trifle

I decided to modernise the old fashioned trifle… you will get to know that I rarely stick to a recipe I am given or find… try as I might I seem to always HAVE to change something.  Well on this one I completely mixed it up, in fact I used no recipe at all… so volare you have a Cookie Queen original!

I was making a 3 course dinner for 6, and with limited time I decided to come up with a dessert that I could complete more than 50% the day before. Not only did I manage this but it was elegant and super scrumptious!

Elegant Trifle – Served in single glasses
1 pkt Raspberry Jelly
250ml boiling Water
250ml Cold Water
2 Strawberries/glass – sliced
Sponge Cake (I cheated and bought mine)
1 cup (just over, about 260ml) single Cream (pouring cream)
1 Vanilla Bean Pod – scraped
3 Egg Yolks
¼ cup of Castor Sugar
½ Tbsp Cornflour
Ice Cream – optional to serve
Additional Strawberries – to serve

Make up the jelly as per instructions on the packet. Once cooled, pour about 3cm/1 inch in the bottom of each glass.

Slice the strawberries and place a layer of the slices into the glass (they will float so no need to set jelly first. Then place glasses in the fridge to set the jelly.

Cut out the sponge to fit exactly in the glasses(this is easiest to do before you pour the jelly in the glass).  Place the sponge in the glasses next to form the next layer.

Make the custard:
Place the cream and vanilla bean (scraped) into a small saucepan, and place onto stovetop on a low to medium heat.  Stir and bring to almost boiling point.  Place the egg yolks, sugar and the cornflour into a bowl, and whisk to combine.  Pour the contents of the saucepan into the bowl of egg mixture, whisking it in.  Place the entire mixture then back into the saucepan and stir on a low heat for about 8 minutes, until it is thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon. Do not leave it unstirred as it will go lumpy (did it with the first batch and then had to sieve it, so not fun).  Allow the mixture to cool before placing about 3cm/1 inch in each glass on top of the sponge.

Place glasses back in the fridge for at least 1 hour to set.

To serve, place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and some sliced strawberries.

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