Friday, January 27, 2012

It’s a New Year – Year of the Cookie!

Happy New Year to my beloved readers! 
I am not a person that makes New Year Resolutions, ever! And this year will not be the exception. However I do have a To Do List. An extensive To Do List.

  • Year of The Cookie – I mean Business
  • Get Blog onto 3 collated pages
    - Home : Everyday Baking
    - Batter Up Kitsch’n Challenges (12 months, 12 Blogs, 12 Recipes, 12 Challenges – 1 Result)
    - Cookie Queen Kitsch'n - Cookie Business Promotion
  • Commence and stick to monthly Kitsch’n Challenges
  • Increase Market Sales
  • Get a Kitchen Cupboard just for cookie & cake decorating supplies
  • Organise Cookie Cutters so I know what I have
  • New Blog Header

In November I have started attending a Market and have a regular stall, the Market is the Artisan Fair, it took over from the Hide & Seek Market in Kellyville, it doesn’t appear to get alot of traffic like it use to, location seems to be a main factor as its a little off the main drag. So from February it is being relocated to the Castle Hill Showground the 3rd Sunday of every month, much better position so we’ll see how that goes in Feb and March.

Well January has kicked off a few orders already, I love new orders for new things, its so fun.

Here is this week’s Ballet Pointes for SJ Dancers for Registration Day for the Dance School at Moorebank, Sydney.

I should have some fabulous new recipes up in my coming posts, I just received a box of goodies from and with boxes of snickerdoodles, confetti cupcakes, canned caramelised apples and toasted marshmallow crème there are some wonderful treats ahead for you all.

Also I have lots of new cookie cutters, including :
  • Cinderella
  • Crowns & Tiara
  • Moustaches
  • Monkey head
  • Ballet Pointe
  • 3 different Ice Cream Cones
  • Mickey Mouse (2 profiles)
  • Chip and Dale
  • Macaw
  • 2 gorgeous sitting cats
  • Diamond Ring
  • Milk Bottle

And now I have started making my own unique cutters, can’t wait to try out some more. Here is one I just made:

Here are some of my latest cookies in the past month, take a sneak peek, any Christmas cookies can be adapted with different colourings eg ladybirds, Elves into clowns or gnomes, High heels in any colours sparkle or plain, Ballet Slipper to any colour to suit Dance School, Babushkas in any colour and of course Monograms on circles, squares, rectangles, hearts or plaques.


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