Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to 2014! Happy New Year!!

Ring in the New Year!

I am starting out this new year with a bang, and hopefully one that continues throughout the coming year.  I am hoping to Blog 3 times per week now that I am a WAHM with a 4yo (who is starting preschool net week), and running my business from home which I found to be thriving in the 2nd half of 2013!

My 3 posts per week I am planning them to be :
  1. A traditional post of a foodie creation, a love, a challenge or a hot recipe I want to try.
  2. An Honest & Healthy Recipe - creating or replicating a 'healthy' creation to inspire you.
  3. A business post from something I have done from my WAHM biz - Cookie Queen Kitsch'n.

This year with juggling a few things in my day to day life I have decided to make my Blog Posts more achievable, and last year with the cookbook challenge I had an epic fail in the blogging department.  I just stretched myself too thin, and I didn't cook as much as I use to, with my partner cooking a lot, and a lot of easy meals of sausages & 3 veg or pre-prepared meals (takeaway). Putting on a lot of excess kilos in the process.  So I am hoping that this year's Blog will help me shed the kgs and get our family eating plan back.... for some reason Im the only one who put the pounds on though!
Here is flashback of my 2013 in photos, where I enjoyed 3 major family holiday trips (Great Ocean Road Trip in Victoria Australia), Cradle Moutain, Bechino & our Road Trip in Tasmania, and our 4 day Romantic Getaway in Fiji, plus all the work for my wonderful customers. 2 Standout Buffets with my daughter's 4th Birthday and my surrogate Sister in Law's Baby Shower, plus some other snippits.


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