Sunday, July 24, 2011

1st Birthdays & Nick Junior’s Ollie!

A close girlfriend asked me if I would make the cake and cookie favours for her only son’s 1st Birthday, there is no time more special except the birth of that child!  I was completely flattered and honoured to be asked to do such a wonderful task.

I was told he absolutely loves Ollie... who I hear you ask... that was my reaction... who is Ollie?? I have a 2 year old and she has no idea who he is! Am I a bad mother? Well after much investigation, he is the muppet that is owned by Sesame Street, but is only in Foxtel’s Nick Junior Channel, he pretty much compares the channel!! Nice job but given the situation, nothing out there is the world of buying party or licensed products on the little dude! Thanks Sesame Street!! 

I managed after MUCH research to get an edible image of Ollie done, it also was meant to have text in the outer circle, but it didn’t get off the backing with much ease and I have to cut it down and improvise, which I much say, think it came out looking alot better, the 3D text I think gave the cake more depth.

I baked a gorgeous Butter Cake that I find foolproof from my little ole recipe book of favourites, I added orange syrup to the cake, a personal fav as I do think kids always LOVE orange cake and it always gives a very moist finish.  Under the fondant I had a layer of pineapple flavoured buttercream.  A very tropical flavour combination and received fabulous feedback from everyone, so my pick was well received.  Also  the fact that the colour palette I worked with was yellow & orange with a touch of blue, it matched the flavours.  The cookie favours were little cars, as Angelo is a little cars man, I need yellow cars for girls and blue cars for boys, all with an orange initial on them in chocolate candy writer. Once cellophane & ribboned up the cookies looked a million dollars!!

Price for Simple Personalised Cookie Favours = $3.00 each
Each child’s first initial for a favour with an extra personal touch!

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