Sunday, July 31, 2011

Angry Birds!!!

Another week, another birthday! My best friend’s littlest was turning 4 years old this week and I had it all planned months in advance that I was making him an Angry Bird cake, he is totally obsessed with the game on his iPad, yes his iPad!  We go to the shopping centre and the thing is tucked up under his arm, and when we took too long browsing at clothes... he whips it out and starts tapping away!! It is the cutest thing ever!!!

So when recently in Hong Kong I traipsed around the night markets in search for the Angry Birds iPad cover, I had to get a green pig one, but the red bird is on its way in the mail as we speak!  4 years old addictions eat your heart out!!

So I set out on my latest cake mission to define my very own Angry Bird!!  I went for round to simply it, and covered it in red fondant and embellished from there. He was quite a nifty little beast, with the help of some online images to view and get the tuft of red feathers right.  So enjoy the photos on another fabulous creation!

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