Friday, November 4, 2011


A 7th birthday party the night before Halloween calls for only one thing... A spooky cake!

So I baked up a delicious jaffa cake (Chocolate and Orange) in sandwich pans. Using Marshmallow Fluff I mixed in icing sugar and green colouring and used the marshmallow as the cake filling.  I frosted the outside of the cake in an Orange Buttercream.

My inspiration for the design came from the ‘Limited Edition’ Vanilla Ice Cream Flavour Oreos that I found by chance... So I used spooky black Candy Melts and dipped each of the Oreos into the candy and then stuck on edible eyes. 

I stuck the spiders around the sides, then piped on the legs and webs to hang them by.  I topped off the Spookiness with a big black Bat Cookie covered in edible black glitter and a birthday message. 

Thank you Duncan Hines for your Devils Food Cake... I gave you one last shot and this time you didn’t taste like chemicals (as past 2 have), I recommend if you have to bake a few days out, to use a packets because the preservatives keeps the cake fresh and moist, freshly made cakes are best but if time doesn’t permit, no one minds a packet cake when you make up for it in style! 

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