Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Cookie Treat

Happy Halloween!

I had a few things to bake for, Tricker Treaters, Marley’s friends/babysitter and my work Call Centre Halloween Party!

So I mixed it up a little with some modern cookie treats. I baked my Chocolate Cutter Cookies, to try out a new design. As I am frequently as for prices, please note that the selling cost of these would be at $3.50 per cookie. Working on these did take a substantial amount of hours, but I read a Tips & Tricks made by (a common pass time I have) but definitely the tip of adding warm water, the 10 second rule and letting the ready made frosting sit for a couple of hours before piping were all definitely great tips that enhanced my icing results.

Hope you enjoy my Halloween Cookies :

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  1. Awesome! Your cookies were delicious by the way!