Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cookie Parade : Mickey & Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Cookies

Welcome to my world of Cookies. Im back again with some excitable Cookies, I really need to merge my Cookie World into my Blog alot more, its even one of my goals that I set this year.

So I have decided to do my first Cookie Parade on Mickey & Minnie Mouse.... DA DAAAAH!


"It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Come inside, it's fun inside
It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Roll call

Donald, present
Daisy, here
Goofy, hyuck, here
Pluto, ruff ruff
Minnie, oh, here
Mickey, right here

It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Come inside, it's fun inside
M I C K E Y M O U S E"

So I have 7 different Mickey Mouse Style Cookies that I have designed and made to date.  These cookies can be ordered in any quantity above a dozen (12), and colours are as per your request or party theme.  Ribbons tie in to match the colours chosen (of course). All cookies come gift wrapped in individual cellophane bags and delivered or picked up in a standard cake box, but your not restricted to that as I do regularly post cookies to lots of my customers, I use Australia Post Express Post and ensure my cookies are packed safely and padded extremely well and marked as Fragile to cope with transport.  Cost of Postage is dependant on your postcode and is charged via a quote on along with a few dollars for the additional packaging involved.

Here are some samples 


Cookie Options:

Mickey Mouse Trademark Ears

$3.50 each/min 12


Mickey Ears with Name & Age

$3.50 each/min 12

Minnie Ears with Name on top of Age

$3.50 each/min 12

Minnie Ears Silhouette with Bow & Age

$3.50 each/min 12

Minnie or Mickey Mouse Image on Fondant

$4.00 each/min 12

Minnie Mouse Black Silhouette with Imprint - Mini Size
(dusted with edible hollogram glitter)

$3.00 each/min 12

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