Monday, December 10, 2012

A Very Bloggie Christmas - My Fav Bloggers!

All I want for Christmas is......

Some Great Blogs to Read!

I often wonder what people like to read, books, magazines, blogs etc... what do you enjoy reading?  Mine are recipe books, foodie magazines, a non-fiction novel with a strong storyline usually based pre 1950, and BLOGS! But not just any blogs, mainly baking blogs! Occassionally I jump onto a blog for home decorator or craft idea reasons but I often jump back off it as they dont usually hold my attention as much and I can't afford to clog up my email.  I do prefer to get them on email as not all of them appear in my Blogroll Feed and I dont get to my Bog every day or as often as I like to....

So anyways.... I have decided to collate a list of the blogs I REALLY REALLY and TRULY TRULY follow religiously that I LOVE, and its mainly for the recipe ideas and the content and how well they are written or photographed, a couple are for Cafe/Restaurant write ups as I love to try new places locally that you may not hear about otherwise, I value peoples opinions such as Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella.  I constantly cook from some of my fav bloggers such as Ree from The Pioneer Woman and Heather at Sprinklebakes and lets not to forget Shelly at Cookiesandcups! and we all know I Lurrrve Marian at Sweetopia!!

I also absolutely love finding new Blogs out there, I stumble across alot via simple Google searches when hunting down a recipe idea, but please add comments below of the Blogs that you follow or read and use regularly, I would love to take a squizz and maybe join them too...


  1. The Pioneer Woman
  2. Not Quite Nigella
  3. Cookies and Cups
  4. Sprinklebakes
  5. Bake @ 350
  6. Sweetopia
  7. Sweet Sugar Belle
  8. Haniela's
  9. The Decorated Cookie
  10. I am Baker
  11. My Baking Addiction
  12. The Girl Who Ate Everything
  13. Bubble and Sweet
  14. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

 Some piccies of my Bloggers:

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