Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Cookie Queen Kitsch'n Year in Review - 2012 as it was!

Top 5 Posts (in the order from 1 (#1) to 5) :

  1. Maggie Beer's Roast Chicken with Parsnip Pear Mash
  2. Minnie Mouse Dessert Buffet Table
  3. Masterchef Mojito Time
  4. Let's Kick off the Silly Season
  5. No 1 Challenge Caramel Apple Cheesecake Slice

BIG Events of 2012 Recap in Pics:

Miss M turned the BIG 3!

She was in awe of her Dessert Buffet, see link above for all that was available for it. As I love EVERYTHING to be edible on my cakes, I even covered wagon wheels in black fondant for ears on the cap!

Our trip to Disneyland and on the Disney Wonder Cruiseship!

(New towel animal every night & was tickled pink to meet all the Disney Charcters on board and at Disneyland itself)

Billy Law's Halloween Fancy Dress Dessert Degustation Dinner

(Where we jointly won 1st & 3rd Prize for our Costumes Mad Chef & Cupcake Whore!)

Christmas Celebration 2012


Yes in case you haven't guessed it yet from my Facebook Page, I do indeed LOVE Adriano Zumbo and all he creates! I look forward to having you join me throughout 2013 for even greater adventures and events. Hope to see you all there with me. Mwa! xxx

Christmas Loot for a Baker....

Totally in love with my new Kenwood kMix Food Processor, its HUGE! No idea where Im actually gonna store it permanently when not in use, that is my Kitchen Aid next to it.... its massive and there is a whole thing of fancy attachments including little twin baby whisks that attach inside it to be a mixer! Wowza, can't wait to test it all out, currently in the midst of using it to make Macarons, my 2nd attempt ever. Fingers crossed very tightly!

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