Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Great Food Bloggers Cookie Swap 2012 ... continued - My 3 Blogger's Cookies Received

As per my 12th December post on The Great Food Bloggers Cookie Swap 2012, I took part in the Cookie Swap again this year, and I received all 3 dozen of my cookies from 3 absolutely fabulous Bloggers.

They all tasted delicious, which I was thrilled to share with my partner and family over Chrissie, I want to take this opportunity to thank the bakers for their goodies, each one came in a uniquely gorgeous packaging from boxes to tins and made the whole experience really fantastic!

Here is a rundown on what I received this year and the links to the wonderful recipes you can try at home.

1st Cookie Swap Package :

From Manuela Zangara at
Baked me : Chocolate Cookies with an Orange and Mint Glaze







2nd Cookie Swap Package :

Baked me : Strawberry & Rhubarb Spiral Shortbread


3rd Cookie Swap Package :

Baked me : Espresso Chip Oatmeal Cookies
I also received a lovely letter telling me all about Catie, her adventures, ambitions and the cookies.  By the time I finished the letter I felt like we were old friends/penpals.

I hope I have done all your cookies justice in my photo skills, I have definately improved on the photography and editing skills this year.  And Ive been lucky enough to receive a new lens, filter and tripod from my brother for Chrissie so things are going onwards and upwards!  Looking forward to seeing you all in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap of 2013!!!

I sent my Gingerbread Nutcrackers out to the following Food Bloggers :

Sara from

V Vien Lee from


  1. thank you! your cookies look awesome :)

  2. Thank you so much for your cookies, they did arrive :)

    Regarding the Food Bloggers Picnic, contact Helen from Grab Your Fork or Suze from Chocolate Suze to get yourself on the invite list :)

  3. These are the most gorgeous nutcracker men! I was so lucky to be one of the recipients of your beautiful cookies yet again.

    Thanks you so much! You are so clever.
    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.