Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year's Bloggie Resolution

I have decided on 3 main Bloggie Resolutions for 2013.... as some of you may remember I previously didn't really do resolutions.... but the ones I set in January 2012 worked out quite well for me.  

So here it goes, lets kick this off with a couple for 2013 before we get into double figures this month and see how we go!


Before we begin, here's an insight into my December/January 2012 Book Loot, so far this year I have 7 so will let you know how I go.... was already on last night for a squizz!

Resolution One:

Cookbook Challenge - One Recipe Per Month from a Cookbook and Cook It/Blog It.

Some Cookbooks on my list will include:
  1. Miette (San Francisco Bakery & Blog)
  2. Have You Eaten Yet? (I won as Runner up in Fancy Dressed at his Halloween Degustation Event in October)
  3. The Pioneer Woman (the one & only)
  4. Sprinklebakes (Heather Baird's new self titled Blog)
  5. Zumbarons (Adriano Zumbo - Macarons)
  6. Heston @ Home (The giant cookbook bought at his show last year)
  7. Marshmallow Madness (Shauna Sever's Blog cookbook I bought & been dying to try)
  8. The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook (Lindsay's new cookbook who co-ordinated the entire Bloggers Cookie Swap)
  9. ABC Delicious More Please and/or Home Cooking both by Valli Little (I have them all!!)
  10. Momofuku Milk Bar (on my hit list to buy for "Better Than Crack" Pie)
I am hoping to add many more, I am deeming 2013 The Year of the Cookbook! Why? Because they are beautiful, they inspire us, I love looking for new ones and the internet is making me enjoy them less than I should.... so I'm bringing back the Cookbook in all its glory, beauty and skill!

    Resolution Two :

    Weekly Posting - To Blog weekly throughout the year, I have been a tad side tracked and possibly ... ha hmmm a bit slack in 2012 to how I wanted my regular posts to pan out.  So I will try my absolute darndest to Blog at least once a week. Gee that will be AAALOTTT of baking this year! Either I am going to have to call in assistance to eat OR I may end up the size of a small horse barn!

    Resolution Three :

    Cookie Business - To increase my marketing throughout 2013. Polish up my Blog and incorporate my Personally Designed Cookies into it more frequently throughout this coming year.  I have kept my cookies in the background, and I hope to bring them to the foreground this year. First stop Valentine's Day it was the biggest week for Cookie Queen Kitsch'n last year, so fingers crossed we can grow that to even bigger & better things this year!

    So lets jump into this year with both feet and see how we go! Im ready for an exciting adventure in the Cookie Queen Kitsch'n and I hope you join me the ride that I hope will be a thrill a minute! See you there!

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